Why become a sponsor of MISSION E-XPLORER?

To partner with MISSION E-XPLORER is to be part of a bold vision, to share an extraordinary human adventure and to contribute to pioneering technological developments. It means joining a committed project (positive societal and environmental impact) and making fruitful contacts.  It is to benefit from advantages and opportunities of communication-public relations … and media coverage to the (de)measure of events that will write, in the short term, a new concrete and decisive page in the history of energy and green mobility …

The words of our sponsors


Pilot, Journalist, Air Show Specialist

“The very name of this project means a lot of things… It is true that over the ages humans have explored their planet, in every nook and cranny, thanks to the vehicles invented by the genius of the race. Humanity has always wanted to know the world into which it was born.

Today, some may feel that the world is known. But some say that the time has come to know what to do with it: exploit it to the point of devastation, or maintain it as a beautiful and precious garden. This raises the question of improving the tools we have, in particular our energy sources and the deep architecture of our vehicles.

Our Past history has given us, from the very beginning, the sailing boat. Using the water of the seas as a surface of displacement, and the wind as a propellant, it was a stroke of genius. Then we learned, much later, to imitate birds, and fly. Today the question arises of how to better navigate, on the water and in the sky, and one wonders if one of the fundamental components of the universe, hydrogen, does not contain the ultimate answer?

Hydrogen is the fuel of stars, including the sun.
So we must ask ourselves how to rely on the hydrogen and energy of our star to better travel our planet…
One of the building blocks that could be part of the future solution is this project, in its ocean and air components. The components are of great significance to our future !’

It will take time, patience, relentlessness, intelligence. But that’s it, the countdown is on.”


Architect - Member of the Institute

“Raphaël Dinelli is one of those beings who boldly shape the history of aviation. He is in the line of these exceptional women and men such as Jean Mermoz, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Henri Guillaumet, Jacqueline Auriol and Bertrand Piccard… whose exploits have marked our lives alongside all those who participate in this extraordinary epic of air and space. They transmit to us the taste of dreams, adventure and their passion.
Human beings like Raphael carry in their DNA the genes of dreams that give rise to  us, the desire to surpass ourselves.”



“Passion. The desire for flight and innovations. Conceive. Realize. Strive for success!

For the Glory of our wings, Raphael is one of those who advance and realize the wildest dreams of Humanity !! ”       

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