Becoming a donor to the project means...

Support Mission E-XPLORER...
  • It is to support Raphaël Dinelli throughout a major technological and human project of major interest and its spectacular stages: the Vendée Globe 2024,
  • a transatlantic flight 2027 then the Air Tour of the World 2028.
  • It is to contribute and be historically associated with the inevitable ecological transition via green mobility, for the benefit of a more sustainable world...
  • It is to value this eco-adventure and your associated partnership in terms of:
  1. Integration into a Partner Club
  2. Media coverage among the widest public,
  3. Public relations with your VIPs,
  4. Real benefits in tax exemption (60%)
... On the seas...
  • It is to embark on the fabulous eco-adventure of Raphaël DINELLI, aboard a 60 feet race boat for major offshore races including the ‘Vendée Globe 2024’, the ultimate event rightly qualified as’Everest of the seas’... to climb without CO2 emissions!
  • It is to give him the means to experiment and make reliable on board, a brand new technology of the future with liquid hydrogen and solar energy, but also to prepare both physically and mentally for his World Tour by air in 2028.
... In the air
  • This means enabling Raphaël DINELLI to make a first transatlantic flight ‘zero emission’ in 2027 before taking off for a historic flight - ‘zero emission’ in double and non-stop - in 2028 at the controls of an aircraft of the future with hybrid electric traction combining liquid hydrogen and solar energy.
  • This is a unique opportunity for you to support and associate your name and image with a pioneering technological and human performance that will inaugurate a concrete and major advance in the green aviation of tomorrow.

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What are the advantages of joining the adventure

Supporting a major project

Be part of an exceptional adventure that is revolutionising the world of aviation

Supporting ecology

Through a donation you support the ecological and energy transition

Privileged access

Invitation to important social events in the evolution of the project

Tax exemption

A tax exemption of up to 66% of your commitment

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