Raphaël DINELLI : a committed navigator and engineer

A passionate man

At 53 years old, Raphaël DINELLI seems to have lived several lives in one: that of a determined man and a committed visionary who knows how to combine his passions and his fields of expertise to give birth to eco-innovations! Yesterday, as part of the applied research and demonstrators of its Vital Ocean Laboratory. Today, by combining its know-how to meet the great challenge MISSION E-XPLORER; Tomorrow, by proposing concrete and short-term solutions in terms of renewable energies, green aviation and the mobility of the future…

A determined visionary

There is atavism in Raphael’s combined passions… A father, executive in aeronautics, a family aware of ecological issues: at home, all aerosol is prohibited, we grow and eat organic vegetables from the family garden. On the leisure side, it’s sailing: Raphael’s windsurfing boards are ‘homemade’… and already in composites. He made his mark: trained in sailing at the national school of Quiberon, specialized in composites (kevlar, carbon …), he becomes a preparer at the shipyard Captain Flint of Titouan Lamazou. Then he embarked on his impressive career as a sailor: transatlantic (winner of the transat Jacques Vabres 1997), 4 Vendée Globe (10th of the 2008 edition)… Its 25 years of navigation confront it with alarming realities: climatic upheavals, melting ice, pollution and acidification of the oceans…“ Passionate about technology and environmental protection, I decided to act at my own level, by creating the Vital Ocean Laboratory,” he explains. Some major dates mark this route…

Years of applied research within his Laboratory...

He develops with his team a vertical axis wind turbine, a research program on the encapsulation of photovoltaic cells and a program on the bioclimatic building.
Inauguration of the Carré d'Eraole, first positive energy building on the port of Les Sables d'Olonne Record: first round the world trip without fossil fuels on its laboratory sailboat engaged in the Vendée Globe 2008, with solar and wind modules. 
Realization of demonstrators with Tier 1 partners (Peugeot BB1 solar concept car, roof of a central body of a TER with the SNCF, solar roof of the truck of the future with Renault...).
Eraole, its electric aircraft hybridized to the ENR, sponsor of the COP 21.
Sale of its Solar patent to the world's second largest manufacturer of solar panels, the SUNPOWER-TOTAL Group.
Eraole France tower and air show, a hybrid bioenergy/solar electric aircraft, with 200 hours of flight time and a record of autonomy and altitude (more than 10 hours at nearly 10,000 feet).
All in the preparations for the E-XPLORER MISSION, Raphaël Dinelli ‘boosts the energies’ mobilized on the realization of this great challenge: energetic solutions of the future; creative energy of the teams (organization, engineers, technicians); energy shared with the project partners...

... at the service of energy issues and the green mobility of tomorrow

Through offshore racing, his aerial challenges with ERAOLE I and his talents as a speaker, Raphaël Dinelli has been able to raise awareness among the general public about the protection of the environment. His exceptional experience and his validated experiences make him a recognized eco-adventurer.

Its expertise has enabled its Laboratory to develop applied research programs, validated by concrete innovations in aeronautics, transport, construction, shipbuilding… and by industrial leaders such as Aéroports de Paris, Peugeot, Renault, Volvo, SNCF…

With the MISSION E-XPLORER, it capitalizes on its know-how as a navigator-pilot and concentrates the innovations resulting from its research to experiment and collaboratively implements its technological advances. This opens, concretely and in the short term, the field of all possibilities to the green mobility of tomorrow!