The final in the air

THE 2027 "zero emission" WORLD TOUR NON-STOP

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Adventure in the air

Going through the Vendée Globe box will therefore give Raphaël DINELLI a solid experimental viatic to take off MISSION E-XPLORER from the sea to the air! However, before ERAOLE II takes off for its transatlantic flight New York – Paris ‘zero emission’ in 2027 and then goes around the world ‘zero emission’ tandem and non-stop, several years of intense work will not be too much to pass from studies to design and realization to testing and certification of an aircraft with totally new configuration and traction energy…

Be part of the MISSION E-XPLORER adventure

New storage technology

It will thus be necessary to solve the technological lock of the storage and management of the 13 m3 of liquid hydrogen embedded at -254 ° (technique used in space by the thrusters of the Ariane rocket). The system should deliver a total power of 200 kW to the traction for a final autonomy of 9 days corresponding to the World Tour projected in 2028. This will constitute a pioneering historic flight and a major technological advance to enter concretely and quickly into green aviation and the mobility of tomorrow!

Discover ERAOLE II: the MISSION E-XPLORER aircraft

→ First flight : 2026 → Engine : 4 electric motors (Total continuous power 110 kW)

→ Scope : 98 ft

→ Length : 69 ft

→ Height : 6.4 ft


→ Tare weight : 3 100 kg

→  Weight at take-off : 4 000 kg

→ Solar : Maximum power 5 Kw

→ 2  liquid hydrogen tanks at 10m3 for -253°

→ 2 fuel cell combustible, power 155 kW

→ Take-off speed : 89 Mph

→ Cruising speed : 112 Mph

→ Crossable distance : 15 000 Miles

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